Who Is Angela's Ashes By Frank Mccourt

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Frank McCourt 's childhood was very difficult, mostly because of his family 's extremely low income. The memoir called Angela 's Ashes begins in Brooklyn in the early 1930 's. When Frank turned four his family and him moved back to Ireland, where his parents were originally from. Throughout the memoir the author focuses on how Frank was able to overcome poverty and ultimately make something of himself. Mr. McCourt explores personal, political, and economic issues throughout the story. The beginning of the memoir begins with, "When I look back at my childhood I wonder how I survived at all."As a young boy Frankie had personal issues in result of his father 's alcoholism. At the end of work every Friday Frank 's father was supposed to come home and give the family his salary for the week. Sadly, his father usually did not come home on Friday 's and would usually just spend the money at the local bar. Because there was no money the kids suffered from…show more content…
The McCourt face many economic problems throughout the story. One of them is when Angela presents the butcher a ticket that gave her a free meal for Christmas and instead of having steak or duck like other families, they get a pig 's head. The kid 's then had to go pick the streets for Coal, because they did not have any at home to cook the head. Even though the family had so many economic problems Frank 's mother always told Frank to make something of himself, that he could do it. Frank wanted to move back to the United States, so he started working as a paper boy. While working as a paper boy he has many adventures, but he manages to raise the money for a ticket on a boat that took him back to New York. Frank faces many battles through out the story, but he always looked at the brighter side of things and did not let himself get put down. He says, "Sing your song. Dance your dance. Tell your tale." That is exactly what he did, and he managed to get himself out of poverty and accomplish his dream of moving
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