Who Is Angelico Chavez: What Caused The Pueblo Revolt?

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What Caused the Pueblo Revolt? Angelico Chavez believes the Pueblo Revolt was caused by the establishment of a new leader, Domingo Naranjo. As described to the Spaniards, Naranjo was a tall, black man with yellow eyes, and faked the image of the god Pohe-yemo. Domingo Naranjo was a Pueblo leader who claimed religious exile so he could gain the “power and revenge.” These Pueblo leaders were called mestizos instead of pure-blooded Pueblos (Weber 81). Also, unlike Bowden and Gutierrez, Chavez states that the Franciscans gave the Pueblos no cause for revolt. Angelico Chavez stays true to believing that the new leader was the cause of the Pueblo Revolt because in his mind he believes Pueblos are “peaceful people”, but thinks Domingo Naranjo was “more active and restless by nature than the more passive and stolid Indian” (Weber 81). During the revolt, being the “active and restless” man Domingo was, he forced orders from a kiva, and then…show more content…
One of the most historical moments of the Pueblo Revolt, was when the pueblos met up to try and stop the Spanish colony and the Franciscan missions, but instead 21 friars and multiple Spanish families were killed in one day (Weber 84). Angelico Chaves states the Naranjo is a representation that the definition of a Pueblo was changed in the years before the revolt, and a different culture had come about. Due to the revolt in people and culture, Chavez states that the revolt was successfully “planned and carried out” not just by individual leaders, but the main person of Pohe-yemo. In the second essay selection, Spanish Missions, Cultural Conflict, and the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, Henry Warner Bowden argues that the cause of the Pueblo Revolt is due to religion being the heart of the Spanish and Pueblo cultures (Weber 21). In the essay, Bowden goes on to explain the true meaning of the two religious systems and trying to make the Pueblo Revolt more
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