Who Is Aouda A Hero

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After reading the novel, "Around the World in 80 Days", I could say that (Phileas) Fogg is the hero of the story. Though in some parts, it seemed like it was Passepartout or Aouda was a hero. So who is the real hero? Is Aouda the hero? Aouda did help in the story but, I do not belive that she could be the hero. The time I think that she really had helped is when she offered to be married. This offered helped in the story because if she had not offered to be married, Passepartout would have never gone out to see if they could be married. That would mean that Passepartout would have not learned that it was actually Saturday, the day that Fogg was due for the wager to be complete. To sum it up, if Aouda had not offered to be married, Fogg…show more content…
The most important event that he helped with the rescuing of Aouda (by "helping" I feel that it was mostly him). It was Passepartout who came up with the idea and it was Passepartout who pretended to be the dead husband. If they had not rescued Aouda, many of the events that happened, would have not happened. If Aouda was not rescued (by Passepartout), she would have not grown a liking to Fogg, meaning that she would not have wanted to be married at the end of the story. Wanting to be married, Fogg asked Passepartout "if it iwas not too late to notify the Reverend Samuel Wilson, of Marylebone parish, that evening." Passepartout returned ans stated that they could not be married tomarrow, for tomarrow was to be Sunday! That meant that it was Saturday December 21st, the day that Fogg was soposed to return! So (in short), Fogg had went out to collect his reward of 20,000 pounds. But just remeber that none of that would have happened if Passepartout had rescued Aouda. Is Fogg the hero? Fogg is the main character, and main characters are usually the heros but, I belive that Fogg is not a real hero. I think that because when ever a problem came across the party, Fogg usually just sloved it using money. So Fogg did not actually try to fight any of the problems. One exception is when he had rescued Passepartout after being taken by the Indians, no money was really used. Another way that he
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