Who Is Ava Gardner Argumentative Essay

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The one word you can describe Ava Gardner is sultry, which is what everyone categorized her beauty under. Even though Ava was known for her beautiful looks that made people turn their heads to stare, she was also known for being a talented actress. The movies Ava Gardner starred in always went with the way she looked, this made it easier for people to believe she was the actual characters she played. For example, her first movie she starred in was The Killer in 1946, she played the role of Kitty Collins, who tricked a man to steal from her only to double cross him. Ava Gardner was known for putting passion in everything she did, with growing up in a small town in North Carolina, accidentally being discovered by M.G.M, and life in Hollywood. Ava Gardner should be remembered for being a great actor, but also is an inspiration for people that believe they are going to be stuck in life.…show more content…
They couldn’t have been more wrong ().” This quote really describes Ava Gardner's feeling about acting, also the way her personality was different from characters she played.Ava Gardner starred in many movies where she was a sultry character some of the movies she is most known for is, Mogambo, The BareFoot Contessa, The Night of Iguana, and Bhowani Junction. When playing the role of Maria Vargas in The Barefoot Contessa in 1954, people believe that the movie was based on her life just a little different. They are the same from being discovered, and becoming famous to take on a lover. Ava Gardner was known as a down to earth woman that would always try new things. She was married three times in her life, but each time it lasted for two or three years before ending in a divorce. While living in Hollywood it seemed people in Hollywood enjoyed talking about the people she dated, instead of talking about her talent or the charity
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