Who Is Celie In The Color Purple

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Character Analysis of Celie

“Maybe you can give me a sign letting me know what is happening to me.” These are the words of our innocent Celie in the novel “The Color Purple”. Celie is defenseless and oppressed in the beginning. She always did what she was instructed to do in order to prevent a beating. Throughout the book she will meet interesting characters that teach her there is so much more out there in the world that she should experience. Places she needs to go, and people she needs to meet. All of this can and will be obtained with the help of Nettie her sister, Sofia Harpo 's wife, and Shug a beautiful Jazz singer that Celie loves. They will open her eyes and teach her that there is so much more out in the world than just being
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Sofia is Harpo 's’ wife. She is strong, independent, and doesn 't like people telling her how to live her life. Living with Harpo is hard for sofia. He wants a wife like how Celie is for Mr__. He tells Celie about his problem and Celie tells Harpo to beat her. He tries his best countless time but he ends up failing because Sofia is so strong willed. As sofia confronts Celie she tells her, “ I say it cause I’m a fool. I say it cause i 'm jealous of you. I say it cause you do what i can’t.(p40)”. At this point we see a hint of jealousy that is portrayed in her words that she confesses to Sofia. She is starting to see that she wants to be strong like Sofia. Introducing Sofia to Celie makes her realize that it is ok to go against the will of men. Celie still doesn’t have a backbone to stand up for herself but, she is slowly gaining knowledge about the outside world of marriage. Celie is seeing living proof of a woman going against gender roles in the current…show more content…
At the end of it all the Celie that we have come to know and love changes drastically. From obedient and whipped to confident and determined. With the help from her sister Nettie who showed her there is more knowledge to learn about the world than just being a simple housewife. Also, from Sofia who taught her it is alright to be strong and disagree with your husband. And lasty Shug, who eventually becomes her lover taught her how valuable she is. That she isn 't just on this planet to take care of the house and kids. She went out to do so much more than that. As she gets older and has new experiences she is the happiest she is ever been. Without the help and relations with these women Celie would never gather enough courage and strength to grow a
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