Who Is Cesar Chavez Influence Agriculture In Today's Society?

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Before: ( 1st activity) • Yesterday, we were able to learn quite a bit about Cesar Chavez and how he influenced agriculture in today’s society. To recap what we learned yesterday, who can tell me some of the main ideas of the information we uncovered yesterday? • Great! We discovered Cesar Chavez was born in the state of Arizona, and him and his family were migrant workers. Cesar Chavez led a civil rights movement to improve farm workers conditions, and wages. Cesar, co founded the national farm workers associations to protect their rights as farm workers and citizens. Cesar led boycotts strikes, and protests to help improve their rights. • Who can remind me what a strike is? Boycott? • Yeah, a strike is period of time when workers stop work in order to force an employer to agree to their demands. A boycott is an organized refusal to buy, or use the product until a change is seen, like the Delano grape strike and Boycott. •…show more content…
You can see on your desk that you have a worksheet that has 5 boxes where you are to draw the important events in chronologically order. I was pause throughout the book to give you some time to sketch your events from the book that you choose to draw. • Listen carefully as I read you the book, Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez. During: • Periodically stop to give students time to sketch pictures/ events from the book. After: • It sounds like it took a lot of strength, determinations, and organization for Cesar Chavez to reach his dream of fighting for equal opportunity and improving farm workers compensation and work conditions. What were some of the events that you chose to draw from the book we just
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