Who Is Cesar Chavez Personally Responsible?

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Great Depression has had a lot of impacts on the family of Cesar Chavez. Cesar Chavez was born in 1927 and came to California with his family during the Great Depression. He became a migrant farm worker and dropped out of school in California. He also helped organize migrants and other farm workers in California during the 1960’s in his adulthood. He evdn led a fight by the United Farm Workers to form a union and bargain for other wages as a group. In february 1968, during a long strike against grape groupers, Chavez went a 25-day hunger strike. Soon, Senator Robert F. Kennedy announced his run fr President and came to support Chavez on March 11,the day Chavez ended his fast. I think that in order for a democracy to have caring and hardworking citizens then they must have three types of qualities which are personally responsible, participatory and justice oriented citizens. It is very important for a democracy to have citizens who are personally responsible. For a citizen to become more responsible they must act responsible all the time and do things that need to be done and taken care of. In the Background Essay it says “…-they pay their taxes, keep their property clean, and obey the laws of the…show more content…
Participatory citizens active and helpful in their community by volunteering and by organizing different events. In the Background Essay it says “Participatory ctizens take a more active role in the affairs of their community. They volunteer to serve on community committees and organize community events. They organize the coat drive for the homeles, coordinate the community blood driv, host the neighborhood block club, or serve on the city council. Participatory citizens look after their fellow citizens. They create opportunities for people to work together”.Therefore, it is important that we have participatory citizens in ourt community so they can lead the community activities in our

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