Who Is Charlie Sugery In Flowers For Algernon

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If you were given the chance to get surgery to triple your I.Q would you? Well a man named Charlie Gordon took that chance in the science fiction book “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes. Charlie Gordon wanted to be smart like everyone else he only had an I.Q of 68 but all that was about to change. So when he got the chance to triple his own I.Q he took it. Charlie Gordon made a great choice taking the surgery for A.I (Artificial Intelligence) he had rapid progression, had more feelings and his I.Q tripled. Charlie Gordon was getting smarter day by day he was having rapid progression. His friends, teacher and doctor all saw that he was getting smarter day by day. An example of this is “No Charlie Dr. Nemur wants them just as they are. That 's why he let you keep them after they were photostated to see your own progress you 're coming along fast charlie” ( Keyes 230). This…show more content…
Another reason why Charlie made a good choice taking the A.I sugery was that he discovered more new feelings. He was going to take out his old night school teacher Miss Kinnian out for dinner. At first Charlie thought his teacher was old and he didn 't really care about her. For instance “Now every time I see her she grows more younger and more lovely” (Keyes 233). That shows the he his having new feelings and new emotions and now he thinks of his teacher a completely different way then he did when he didn 't have the A.I surgery. I think it is good to have feeling and not just be boring all the time. This shows he had new feelings and emotions. Charlie 's I.Q went from 68 to over 200 which most people 's I.Q are not that high. So Charlie was super smart like crazy smart. The doctors told him he had to stop using big words that they could understand him but before that charlie didn 't even know what I.Q was. Here 's an example “So I still don 't know what I.Q is except that mine is going to be over 200 soon” (Keyes 231). But know charlie is way smarter than the doctors. Now Charlie has an
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