Who Is Charlotte Perkins Gilman's 'The Yellow Wallpaper'?

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The Yellow Wallpaper In “The Yellow Wallpaper,” written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a married couple is getting their house renovated, and they rent a spooky house for three months. The wife believes she sees creepy things happening in the house but the husband disagrees and says everything is fine. During the short story, Gilman vividly describes the setting of the house to be a gloomy, mysterious place that she calls a “haunted house.” Gilman is trying to show that the woman is not allowed to present her expressions of the house to her husband, and she does not get to show her feelings, because he shows authority in the marriage. But eventually, she escapes her husband when he ends up trapping her, and she crawls over him to be able to…show more content…
The husband also believes that the wife neglects proper self-control, which in other words, he is calling her crazy. He also states that the wife has everything she needs in the rental house; which has to deal with all of the rest she needs and the perfect amount of air as well. Even though the wife is getting worse throughout the story with her depression, the husband is positive that she is getting better and that the rental house is doing good for her, which in reality it is just making her tremendously worse in her eyes, and in the audience’s eyes. Even though she tries to get him to renovate the house to make her feel better, he insists that he will not do such things due to the fact that it is just their house for three months until their house is ready to move into. Another important part of the story that has to deal with how the husband treats his wife is that he calls her a “blessed little goose,” which is referring to her as being small, and quite honestly it sounds like he is calling her his pet, and thinking of her as a child that has no say so or expressions, leading the audience back to the
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