Who Is David A Tragic Hero

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“Happiness… consists in giving and serving others,” (Henry Drummond). All believers wrestle with self-absorption. State leaders especially do because they have a public audience and everything they do is scrutinized. A wise response to narcissism makes a character a comic hero, whereas foolish acts make him a tragic hero. Old Testament book 1 Samuel tells the story of Israel’s first kings, Saul and David, as they struggle with vanity while guided by the Prophet Samuel. The two heroes of 1 Samuel, the tragic king Saul and the comic coming-king David, deal with the community of Israel that each king inspires whether it be a positive influence or negative.
Saul intentionally rejects the community, thinking only of himself and as a result loses
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During the battle against the Philistines, David is given the courage to fight against an enormous soldier named Goliath and shouts, “‘your servant will go and fight’” and in saying so, “David prevailed over the Philistines” (1 Samuel 17:32, 50). Even as a little boy, David views life from a mature, heavenly perspective and therefore focuses on the community. After defeating the giant soldier, Goliath, God rewards David because of his great bravery and faith. Confident in the plan God has for his life, David opposes the giant obediently. Likewise, in order to save the city of Keilah, David and his men must fight the Philistines, but his soldiers are “afraid here in Judah,” so David, taking this into account, intervenes on behalf of the community by seeking God’s wisdom resulting in “saving the inhabitants of Keilah” (1 Samuel 23:3, 5). David carefully listens to his armies and seeks wisdom for the greater good of the community. Although David is fearful of the Philistines, he considers Keilah over himself and risks his life to protect the city. He values people’s lives as much as his own and protects them fulfilling God’s orders. Without hesitance, David puts the needs of the people before his own and saves them as their
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