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After the disastrous events of Pearl Harbor, World War II had finally succeeded its way into America, as well as filling its loyal citizens’ hearts with a vengeful desire against the bloody and gruesome Japanese. On a gory night in the year of 1945, medic Desmond T. Doss had the lucky chance to not only take part in avenging his country, but also in securing his own life by killing Japanese soldiers on the island of Okinawa in the Pacific. The enemy was close, sitting ducks in a hole resting just a few feet from where Doss sat. Though tempted by nearby grenades and a fairly easy kill, Doss decided to risk his own life and let these supposed “devils” live yet another day.
Not once, in all of his years serving the United States Army, did Desmond Doss take the life of another. From the time he was born, he was brought up as a kind and caring Seventh-day Adventist who firmly believed in Jesus Christ. Known as a conscientious objector, Doss not only refused to kill, but also refused to touch a single weapon when he was drafted into the army. Many of his fellow soldiers and officers believed him to be a coward because of this, but each and every one of them were quickly enlightened after witnessing his brave and
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Once, Desmond was sent to the discharge committee because one of the top sergeants had accused him of being crazy and not fit to serve. At the committee, when he was told that he not being present on Saturdays could endanger his life because he might miss important training, he responded with an extremely religious and intelligent answer. Part of it was, “‘I don’t believe that I am missing anything of importance by not being here on Saturdays, but if I do miss anything, even something that might endanger my life, well, I’ll just take that chance.’” Desmond was not taken out of the army (Herndon,
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