Who Is Dimmesdale Guilty Of Adultery

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When we keep secrets we also keep guilt and guilt will destroy us from the inside. In the book of scarlet letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and how one woman who committed adultery with a character named dimmesdale who is the town revered. Dimmesdale kept secrets to maintaining his reputation but actions the guilt eats him from the inside. Dimmesdale the town revered for the puritan religion. He commits adultery with Hester and has a child, but instead of facing his sin he keeps inside for no one to know. He keeps the secrets for his reputation so no one thinks badly about him. He does for the reason of him being the revered so many people look up to him he has this high power with so much respect and then he commits adultery. He says nothing about so he won 't disappoint anyone. He doesn 't want anyone to think that he is this evil person just because he committed adultery. "Had I one friend, or were it my worst …show more content…

“Why, then, had he come hither? Was it but the mockery of penitence? A mockery, indeed, but in which his soul trifled with itself. He had been driven higher by the impulse of that Remorse which dogged him everywhere” (Hawthorne 138) here dimmesdale can 't face the justice of what he has done wrong which is why the author called him a coward and is the reason why he kept his secrets because he is a coward to admit it to and face the consequences which is why later the guilt of keeping them eats him from the inside. Dimmesdale also kept his secrets to keep his reputation as the revered so the town won 't judge him. If the people would have found out of what he has done then they would have punished him and possibly execute him. There also the reason of how the people look up to him for advice because he is the revered. He told the town he committed adultery it would also affect his roll of the revered it could make the people perspective on be very bad because of who

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