Who Is Eleanor Of Aquitaine How Did They Improve Everyday Life

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Who did they interact with? Did they improve everyday life?
Eleanor of Aquitaine was married to Louis VII he was a King which made Eleanor the Queen of consort. The she married Henry II he was Count of Anjou. She also made a great friendship with her uncle Raymond during the second Crusade who was going to be prince of the city. She liked Raymond very much, it was disappointing for her to hear that he had passed away during battles.

How did the culture of their society change?
She always stood out as a beauty, intellectual human, and a free thinking woman, which was extremely uncommon during the Middle Ages. Her impact revolved around the role she played in many fields. Being a woman, she was able to change the way by which a woman was treated and looked upon in this time period, which lasted between 1,000 A.D. - 1,300 A.D.

How did they impact on people’s religious beliefs?
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Eleanor believed in women's rights, she stood up for equality for all genders and races.

Did they change the wealth or goods of the people?
Eleanor was wealthy because she was the duchess of Aquitaine, one of the greatest lands in Europe. Aquitaine was like a separate nation with lands extending in southwestern France from the river Loire to the Pyrenees. Eleanor's court was a trend setter in the medieval world, known for its sophistication and luxury. She was a good Queen and provided for her people.

Did they change the way the society was run? Did warfare or violence affect the lives of those people?
When Eleanor of Aquitaine was Queen of France and England, the ways of the society changed a lot. Being a women, she was able to change the lifestyles of the ways that women were treated and looked upon during the period. It only lasted between 1, 000 A.D to 1, 300
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