Who Is Emperor Augustus's Greatest Accomplishments

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Emperor Augustus was the first Roman emperor (Augustus, n.d.). He gained this title after the assassination of his great-uncle Julius Caesar, and a series of events political and military that followed. He was the Roman ruler that transformed Rome from a republic to an empire. Originally born Gaius Julius Octavius, he was bestowed the name Augustus by the Roman Senate when they entitled him as the supreme ruler of Rome. The Deeds of the Divine Augustus is a first person written events of Augustus before his death (Res gestae divi Augusti, n.d.). This story he had written was intended for the whole world to see and hear, under the rule of Rome. The writings consist of thirty-five paragraphs arranged in order of events from the time he became emperor to his death. Augustus intended this writing to show his great accomplishments as the best leader of Rome. At the time of his rule Rome was suffering a division…show more content…
Many of his accomplishments did occur before obtaining the title of Supreme Ruler. He did this by winning the support of the people and the senate. Even when elected counsel he continued his actions to win over the populous. This intern led to his approval to gain the name Augustus, meaning revered, by the senate. With all his accomplishments of peaceful and a united empire as counsel, he was appointed Life Ruler of Rome. In my analysis of Augustus’s writing I have learned a few things about civilizations.
1. Many of the rulers or leaders in the past and present are self-centered and narcissistic. They write of their accomplishments and make it sound as if they are the sole reasons for all the good things or perceived good that come from them.
2. Would be the people don’t change. To win power over others, give them free stuff and continue to promise them free stuff to win their support. Make them think you are good and they will follow like
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