Who Is Guilty In 12 Angry Men

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Guilty Or Not?
In the film, 12 Angry Men, an 18-year boy was accused of murdering his father. 12 Angry men come to together in one room for ninety minutes to come to an agreement. While this is happening emotions, racial slurs, and apathy are bouncing off the walls. They are to determine whether the boy is guilty or not guilty. The vote has to be 12-0 either way. At the beginning, everyone votes guilty, except juror eight. Although the odds are stacked against him 11-1, he was able to convince the entire jury that the boy is innocent. Although there are 12 jurors, jurors three, four, and seven had a major impact on the verdict of the trial.
Although the fourth juror was a very intelligent and clever character, he voted guilty because he went with hard concrete evidence. He later changed his vote to not guilty, after a valid point was brought up by jurors eight and nine. The ninth juror questions the indents on juror fours’ nose. He claimed that they are from his glasses and that the old women, who testified, had the exact same markings. The ninth juror also said, “Do you know anyone, who
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He’s the kind of guy to always get what he wants. When he’s wrong, he takes it to a personal level. The third juror has absolutely no problem bullying the other jurors into what he wants them to vote. He begins to try to persuade the weakest of the jurors, the second juror. The third juror begins to become irritated when the other members want to review the evidence. A negative quality about this man is that he acts on emotions, not common sense. He’s the first to vote guilty and last to change his vote to not guilty. He claims that he hasn’t seen his son in two years, so he wants to take his loneliness and anger out on the defendant. His motive is to be the man, who pulls the kill switch on the electric chair. He believes that the boy is guilty regardless of the evidence proving otherwise. He is blinded by his own
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