Who Is Haiti In Edwidege Danticat's Krik? Krak

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Thien Doan Lisa Muir ENG III 24 November 2015 Krik? Krak! Haiti is a country that has been known for its poor condition due to the persecutions which have been taking place. Its history is not known due to harsh conditions in the past centuries. Since this country is geographically far from other countries such as United States; its history has been ignored. The story of Haiti was known when United States started to accept the Haitian immigrants to their free land. The short story collection “Krik? Krak!” was written by Edwidege Danticat who is a Haitian American Writer. Her story reflects the history of Haiti; it also indicates that women in the society were more violated than men. They went through violence, more physical torture and suffered…show more content…
Her story was told by unnamed boy, “Many people have volunteered to throw Celianne’s baby overboard for her. She will not let them. They are waiting for her to go to sleep so they can do but she will not sleep. I never knew before that the dead children looked purple” (25). She would throw the baby overboard, only to jump in after her. Celianne’s family underwent physical mental and emotional pain. The remaining woman in the family was raped by the soldiers until they got tire; Danticat shows in a 2009 interview with Opal Palmer the two discuss Danticat’s early life “It’s still happening-the actual rape of girls and women by people in position of power and authority in Haiti, both foreign and local” (349). Celianne told her story of how she became pregnant from being raped by the soldiers, “. . .then they each took turns raping Celianne” (23). Then unnamed boy explains about the scar on her face was self-inflicted so that no one would know who she was, “The same night, Celianne cut her face with a razor so that no one would know who she was. Then as facial scars were healing” (25). This scar is a constant reminder of her darkness past. As a result, Celianne ended up being traumatized, pregnant and gave births to
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