Who Is Henry Ford: A Well-Known Name In American History?

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Henry Ford is a well-known name in America History. Henry Ford founded Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford is well known for developing the assembly line technique that was used to produce the Model T Ford. The Model T ford and the assembly line technique changed transportation for years to come. Henry Ford was born July 30, 1863 in the area what is known today as Dearborn Michigan. Henry at an early age had very unique character that made him into one of the most famous and successful people in United States history. Henry Ford growing up demonstrated that he had very high mechanical abilities. Henry was a born leader who wasn’t scared to take risks this helped in creating the Ford Motor Company. Henry was a very young engineer who worked for an Illuminating Company where he eventually became the chief resident engineer. Henry passion though was working in barns and small shops trying to engineer a horseless carriage. Henry and his friends with all their experiments created their first vehicle called the Quadricyle. Their second…show more content…
I was always fascinated by Henry Ford in that in the early 1900’s he had the vision of making mass production of vehicles. I always thought that Henry was way beyond people for his time. I think that Henry Ford instilled what he stood for in his company and his beliefs are still what the Ford Motor Company stands for today. The Ford Motor Company to me when I think about it the first thing that comes to my brain is that Ford is built in Michigan and is built with hard work from people in the Unites States. When I think of Ford I think of innovation. I think of vehicles that are engineered to a high quality and are safe to operate. I think Henry Ford is one of the most important people in United States history in that he changed transportation to what we have today as far as it comes to
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