Who Is Jarrett Krosoczka's Why Lunch Ladies Are Heroes?

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Jarrett Krosoczka, a children’s book author, presented a speech at a TED Talk that was filmed July of 2014 and entitled “Why lunch ladies are heroes”. Krosoczka’s speech talks about the importance of lunch ladies and respecting people around you. Krosoczka used pathos to catch people's attention by using a informal, joyful approach to show the importance of respecting everyone, based on his experience with lunch ladies. Nevertheless, by appealing to people's emotions, the author effectively made the speech more personal. Krosoczka used pathos to show how children across the country are showing their appreciation through creating projects for lunch ladies . “ … and did you know that a little over 30 million kids participate in school lunch programs every day.” The author is appealing to the emotional aspect of his past and showing how children are being more respectful to adults. He is showing a part of his past where he was young and did not make the smartest decisions when having…show more content…
He kept his ideas short and simple but had to explain in longer sentences the big idea. With is combination of sentence types and structure, he was able to keep the audience intrigued. With the audience hypnotized by his logic of kindness, he effective persuaded his audience with kindness. One example of this is when Krosoczka said, “ And coast to coast, all the lunch ladies told me the same thing: ‘Thank you for making a superhero in our likeness.’ Because the lunch lady has not been treated very kindly in popular culture over time.” In this example, the sentence structure was medium but more on the short side. The author does a significant job with having smooth transitions throughout the course of the speech. The author also has considerable amount of punctuation in expressing his gratitude to helping lunch ladies. Although, his sentence structure was impressive, his choice of words were also
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