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Jimmy Carter - Persuasive Techniques
Usually, when people have to give a speech or write an essay they have to convey a message or convince the audience of a specific idea or argument. In this instance it is very important for the speaker to use the correct techniques so they can connect to the audience and convince them of their point of view. For politicians especially they must be able to have the audience intrigued and convinced of their ideas. In his speech to prevent those who wanted to industrialize and drill oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, President Jimmy Carter can be seen using many of the common argumentative techniques, such as logos, pathos, and ethos, to convince his audience against the industrialization of the Refuge. To build his argument, the reader can see Carter use his personal experiences, historical evidence, and alternative options to support his claim.
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Carter introduces the audience to his argument not by giving his statement or "mission" immediately but by telling the audience a story of a personal experience that helps the audience sympathize with his point of view. The way Carter describes the beauty of his trip to the Wildlife Refuge and how it was a very personal experience makes the audience feel they are being let in on a personal level to the President's point of view against the drilling in the Refuge. The story of the migration of the porcupine caribou gave the his audience an idea of what the refuge really means and emphasizes how it would all be destroyed if industrialization on the Refuge were to happen. By giving his personal experience first, Carter is able to draw his audience in and let them sympathize with his cause before he actually gives his real argument and calls people to
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