Who Is John Hale A Hero In The Crucible

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John Hale known as the witch hunter in Salem inspires fear when his name is spoken ,instead John Hale was a good person because he didn’t really want to kill anyone ,just wanted to save them before they fully went to the Devils side and sign his book ,and he did whatever he cool to help save the accused. John hale wasn 't really the killing kind of person. He was the if u confessed that you where dealing with the devil the he did what he could to save them not go straight to hanging them. When he found out that Tituba was dealing with the Devil and that she wrote her name in his book he worked to help her become holly. from the story "The Crucibles" John Hale stated after they found out that Tituba was dealing with the Devil if she would "let him cleans her from all her sins".…show more content…
John Hale helped a lot of the people that was being accused to being a witch by letting them confessed their sins ,but if they did confessed that they where dealing they had to lose land and all of their stuff. The people would be dead if it was for Hale. They wouldn 't be able to be helped the towns people would 've hanged them right at the spot. John hale did everything he could to save the towns people by making the confessed that they where a witch and save them from being hanged. A statement from john hale from the story "The Crucibles" "I know not if you are aware, but your wife 's name is mention in court". He went to the proctors home to tell them that the wife 's name came up in the court. At first he was trying to help him till the Cheever comes with a warrant for the wife witch was shocking to all of them. This is three good examples that john hale is a good person in "The Crucibles". He goes out of he way to help those accused and really doesn 't try to hang anyone just tries to
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