Who Is John Proctor Remorseful In The Crucible

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John Proctor, one of the main characters in The Crucible, is remorseful, candid, and industrial. He is very determined to make his farm as successful as possible. Proctor becomes truthful at the end when they want him to confess; moreover, he regrets what he did with Abigail Williams. His wife, Elizabeth Proctor, is not willing to condone the situation. There is always something that will be in the back of John Proctors mind throughout his life. He had an affair with Abigail Williams while he was married to Elizabeth Proctor. Proctor is extremely remorseful about what he did to betray his wife. Proctor says, “I have gone tiptoe all seven month since she is gone. I have not moved from there to there without I think to please you, and still…show more content…
After his affair he wanted to be a more truthful man than he was. Towards the end of the play Proctor is confessing to witchcraft but refuses to involve anyone else. He discovered that the church was going to post his confession on the church door so he ripped the document in pieces. Proctor says, “Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another lie in my life! Because I lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave my name!” (Act IV pg.1333) He doesn’t want another lie to be draping in his life. Proctor is not a stranger to hard work. He is an industrial man when it comes to his farm. His wife, Elizabeth Proctor, says, “My husband is a good and righteous man. He 's never drunk, as some are, nor wasting his time at the shovelboard, but always at his work” (Act III pg.1310) She is proving that he is not a lazy man and is determined to make his farm as successful as possible. He is always working around the house and on the farm. In the play, The Crucible, John Proctor is a remorseful, candid, and an industrial man. Proctor regrets his affair with Abigail Williams. When they want him to confess he is truthful and doesn’t want to involve anyone else. He is hard working on his farm because he wants it to be
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