Who Is John Proctor's Commitment In The Crucible

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Reading Between the Lines Pride is a personal commitment. Keep in mind how pride connects to personal commitment when talking about a tragic hero in The Crucible. Although many people may assume that Reverend Hale is the tragic hero of The Crucible, I believe John Proctor is because how he makes Mary Warren confess to the court about how Abigail and the girls are lying about conjuring the devil, Proctor also confesses about having an affair with Abigail. Even though knowing the consequences for his action Proctor would do anything in his supremacy to save his spouse from prison or the act of being hanged. In act two of The Crucible Proctor demands that Mary Warren confess to the court regarding the young women lying about conjuring Satan. Proctor: " You're coming to the court with me, Mary. You will tell it in the court " (Miller, Pg. 1180). This excerpt shows how bound…show more content…
God help me, I lusted, and there is a promise in such sweat " (Miller, Pg. 1206). This quote from act three shows how damaged Proctor was for even confessing to lechery. Just seeing how sentimental John Proctor really is shows how he would go out of his own way to save Elizabeth so that she could be reunited with her boys again. Within the story Elizabeth knows that since Proctor admitted to committing adultery that means he will be sentenced to be lynched. Later in The Crucible you come to find out that Elizabeth was happy that Proctor had the audacity to commit to such sin as well as to take his life for his actions. Even Proctor's close friends could not believe that he had committed adultery, because of how so much good they expected from him. Proctor's kindness, nobility, and heroic personality is what made him who he truly is which is a tragic hero. Nobility is the definition of a tragic hero, which ties into pride being a personal commitment. Which Proctor stood out to fit the definition and characteristics of being a tragic hero, he sacrificed his life to save his
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