Who Is Jon Krakauer's Suicide In Into Thin Air

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on Krakauer, a Mountain climber, took part in one of the most disastrous mountain climbing expeditions in history. In his book, “Into thin Air” he attempts to write about the events that took place during his devastating time on the mountain. In his book he explains about the events, and how he and his team struggled to get to the top of the mountain, and worse yet, struggled for survival. Jon Krakauer had a feeling that he shouldn’t have agreed to the expedition. In doing so he lost the lives of some of his friends, and has to live with the decision that he made. Jon starts out in the beginning of the book describing how he wants to climb Mount Everest. Many people have climbed simply,” Because it is there” (Mallory, 15). George Leigh Mallory made that comment after being asked by a newspaper reporter, why he wanted to climb. Jon describes climbing as a culture characterized by intense competition. It was his passion. “I lived to climb”(Krakauer, 21). He went through with it, and started the expedition. On the first day when he met his team he was surprised to find, that the other climbers were nothing like the hardcore…show more content…
His team was very prone to altitude sickness. On April eighteenth, Krakauer finds the body of a possible Sherpa, who had died on the expedition three years before (Krakauer, pg.107). This left him badly shaken. Then on the same day, he found another body, but it seemed as no passersby really cared. “It was as if none of us dared to acknowledge what was at stake here (Krakauer, pg. 107). This was another of the many warnings that Krakauer did not heed. By May, Krakauer noticed that Scott Fischer did not have his usual upbeat attitude (pg. 148). “He looked anxious and extremely tired” (Krakauer, 148). On May 8th, a boulder smashed into Andy Harris’ chest, leaving him in a state of shock for several minutes. It would seem at this point that turning back might be a good
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