Who Is Josephine Baker Speech At The March On Washington

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In the articles "letter from Birmingham jail" by Martin Luther King jr & "speech at the March on Washington" by Josephine Baker . Each article provided different approaches to achieve true freedom, in a way that harms no one. In order for the people to achieve true freedom , society must achieve it through non violence. To begin with, the only way to achieve true freedom is through non violence. According to "letter from Birmingham jail" Martin Luther King States in lines 82-84 "we began a series of workshop on nonviolence & we repeatedly asked ourselves , are you able to accept blacks without retaliating." This reveals, that African Americans obtain true freedom they must practice the essence of non violence, they must be able to endure…show more content…
In the article "speech at the March on Washington" Josephine Baker says the following,"you must mean to protect your self when a pen and not a gun.The pen is mightier than the sward". Baker said here that if you get an education and you're able to put meanings to words, physical actions are not nearly as powerful as words. Baker also argues,"they beat me with their pens , wth their writing . And friends that is much more worse." This explains, that Josephine has experienced both sides of violence . She has experienced both sides of non violence. She has experienced it physically and through writing , but yet it hurts more free discriminated through writing then taking bows. Therefore yourself when a pen and not a gun , that's how true freedom can be accomplished. Although some African Americans belive that it is normal to treat African Americans unfairly , Josephine Baker is on the opposing side. In "speech at the March on Washington" Baker States , "I didn't have to do that, I could go into any restaurant over there" this reveals Baker was able to walk in to any restaurant and do what a normal citizen was able to do in other countries . She argues that it is not normal to not be treated equally because of your face and
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