Who Is Josie In Looking For Alibrandi

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Looking for Alibrandi

In the book looking for Alibrandi, Josie is the main character. Josie is a teenager who has Italian background and has been brought up by one parent all her life she is also about to finish her last year of school. Her last year of school was defiantly her hardest year, she went through a lot of stuff that makes her year very difficult. She took on the leadership responsibilities within the school, but her personal life also got in the way, the suicide of her best friend was the hardest thing she went through near the end of the year.

In Josephine Alibrandi’s last year of school, she was in her own words “awarded the insulting task of being her deputy”. So Josie took on the leadership responsibility of being deputy school captain, she also made a speech in the debate, which is a competition that her school had against St Anthony’s. Josie made a lot of friends and also enemies while she was deputy school captain, but she
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At first Josie hated her father Michael for what he did to her mother, but then ends up opening her heart to him and accepting him into the family. She also didn’t get along with her Nonna that well at the start, but after realizing what her Nonna went through when she was her age, Josie and her Nonna started to see eye to eye. The reason Josie didn’t get along with Katia (Nonna) that well was because of the way she treated Josie’s mother. If Christina (Josie’s mother) or Josie ever did or wanted to do something Katia will always say “people will talk” and that really annoyed both of them. Josie’s relationship with her mother is a love hate relationship, one minute they love each other to bits and the next they’ll be screaming and throwing stuff at each other. Josie doesn’t like the fact that her mother won’t stick up for herself against her
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