Who Is Joyce Carol Oates 'Freaky Green Eyes'?

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The book Freaky Green Eyes is a New York Times bestseller written by Joyce Carol Oates. The author tells the point of view from a troubled teen, Franky, whose parents are famous and are having some family difficulty. Suddenly, her mother goes missing. In her mind she thinks its one of her mothers disappearing, but deep in a place she calls Freaky Green Eyes she knows something in horribly wrong. When she figures out what is happening she makes a shocking discovery. The setting affects the characters because Franky is exposed the Seattle, New Mexico, a tiny town that has some history to their family that caused a problem later in life. She lives with her uncaring brother, Todd, her loving mother, father, and sister, Samantha. I know this because the book says, “You know your mother and I love you no matter…show more content…
One reason is that in each chapter it told the story day by day. The author describes Franky in more thoughts than features. For example, Franky thinks things like, “I wanted to tell mom about how strong I was to walk out of the situation she was never able to walk from, but it wasn’t the right time for that kind of dialogue.” The plot had a steady pace to it. The story had a lot of extra things going on. For example, Franky’s mother went to Skagit Harbor when her dad was at home. And, when Frank’s aunt Vicky kept popping up throughout the story. The imagery kept me interested in the book because it gives extra detail on the subject the book is talking about. One example of imagery the author uses in the book is when the dad explained to his daughter that her mother and aunt poisoned her mind with ridiculous assumptions on what happened. The tone of the book was pretty mellow throughout the story. One example of when the tone was mellow was when they described the house in the Skagit Harbor. They described the house and the land by is as a peaceful place where animals and plants grow
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