Who Is Julia's Death In The Adventure Of The Speckled Band

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In “The Adventure of the Speckled Band”, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle described the investigation of the mysterious death of Julia Stoner. The story took place on the Roylott estates of Stoke Moran, where Helen Stoner lived with her stepfather, Dr. Roylott. Helen’s sister, Julia, died a fortnight prior to her wedding of an unknown cause. Two years after her sister’s death, Helen Stoner heard the low whistle that Julia had described to her. With her approaching wedding, this aroused a feeling of uneasiness inside of her. Helen’s stepfather, Dr. Roylott, was known to have a violent temper as well as acting without considering the consequences; therefore, Helen became suspicious that her stepfather was involved in Julia’s death. Additionally, she felt…show more content…
Watson in need of their detective expertise. She expressed her skepticism about Dr. Roylott’s involvement with Julia’s death. Additionally, Helen was in conflict with Dr. Roylott (Helen versus Dr. Roylott) as she was terrified of her death (man versus man). The conflict was external as Dr. Roylott was abusive to his stepdaughter; on the other hand, the conflict was internal as Helen feared that Dr. Roylott would kill her. In addition, Helen was a wealthy person as she would have inherited money from her mother once she was married, leaving less money for Dr. Roylott. This was a motive for why greedy Dr. Roylott would have killed Julia. It was brought up that Dr. Roylott had a background of violence; in consequence of his short temper, society did not necessarily enjoy being around Dr. Roylott (Dr. Roylott versus society). Nonetheless, the man versus society conflict was mainly external as Dr. Roylott did not feel concerned that society loathed him. Another event included when Dr. Roylott followed Helen to Sherlock’s home; once Julia left, he unsuccessfully attempted to intimidate Holmes into staying out of the case (Dr. Roylott versus Sherlock Holmes). This man versus man conflict was both internal and external. Dr. Roylott was clever in the way that he killed Julia; seemingly to him, it would have been nearly impossible for him to be proven guilty. Meanwhile, Sherlock Holmes, the detective, was…show more content…
Watson initially investigated the interior elements of the Roylott estates of Stoke Moran. In order to resolve the mystery, Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes spent the night in Julia’s bedroom. Since this falling action event was an important part in solving the mystery, it was a conflict between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Grimesby Roylott. As Sherlock Holmes was a dedicated detective in solving the case, Dr. Roylott did not want to be caught; consequently, he would have done anything possible to ensure that he was not proven guilty for his criminal actions. In the middle of the night, Holmes and Watson were disturbed by a dangerous creature coming through the ventilator. Although he did not know it, sinister Dr. Roylott caused issues for Sherlock Holmes and the trustworthy medical doctor, Dr. Watson. As it turned out, the creature that slithered through the ventilator was a deadly snake. As soon as Holmes witnessed the terrible snake, he scared it back through the ventilator; agitatedly, the snake bit Dr. Roylott (Dr. Roylott versus Sherlock Holmes). The mood shifted to petrified during this time as Helen became even more frightened of an early death. Additionally, Holmes and Watson came face to face with a poisonous serpent, which caused the scene to be fearsome. Moreover, the tone shifted to challenging as Sherlock Holmes was determined to solve the case once and for all. Holmes had to overcome the challenges put forth by the cunning

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