Who Is Julius Caesar Hero Or Villain

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Have you ever looked at great presidents in U.S.A, and wondered if that happened before in history? In Ancient Rome, there was a leader named Julius Caesar who was one of the great leaders in history. He reformed the Roman republic and was great military strategist who expanded and strengthened Rome. Soem people though say he was a villain because he had ambitios,and sought for power and glory, which sometimes might be at the expense of the republic. So that is why people wonder, was Julius Caesar a hero or villain? Julius Caesar was a Roman hero to all of Rome and he brought greatness to the Republic and it prospered under his rule, but politicall and militarily, he was ambitious and sought for glory and power, and got most of it, which was…show more content…
He was a great military who firstly strengthened and expanded Rome. When he strengthened it, he made it more powerful and expansions helped conquer new lands and even gain more power and territory. He also fought wars to expand land, in which he ruthlessly conquered his enemies with many strategies that are still studied today, which makes him more of a hero and a leader. Secondly, he restored the cities that were destroyed, adding more people to the Roman republic, and boosting the economy. It also brings more power and happiness to the empire, escpecially to the people who have lost their homes to the wars. Lastly, he was very generous to his enemies and added more of them to the government, which increases his popularity in the world and locally extremely high. He also granted citzenship to foreign citizens, which also increases popularity and boosts the economy because of trade and more people. All of this increases popularity, population, the economy and Rome…show more content…
Julius Caesar was ruthless politically, declared dictator for life, he sought for power and glory in the government, which earned him a lot of people who hated him and sadly that was his fault. He also punished people who tried to change the traditions inside the government, which was selfish and not fair, and a hero would not do that. Thirdly, he added senators to the list of his suppoters, which was not nice politically inside the government and caused people inside the government to hate him more. He made his enemies inside his government because of his seeking for glory and messing up politically. Every hero has flaws though, and we can excuse him for doing that because everyone loved him. The politics doesn’t affect the average people of Rome and up front Julius Caesar is a hero. Though Julius Caesar might be horrible politically, like punishing his enemies hrribly, but that does not matter outside of Rome and even in Rome. Besides, in politics, everyone is a villain and it is horrible what they do to teach other. Julius Caesar should have been more careful when making his enemies, and he could have controlled his power and his seeking for power and ambitions, so he could have ruled longer and be a bigger
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