Who Is Junot Diaz's Struggles In This Is How You Lose Her

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No one knows Karma actually exists, or it is superstition. Many people do not believe such invisible mysterious power, but in the world, unconvincing things actually exist. These happenings are complexly intertwined each other and hand over to the next generation. Struggling with trick of fortune, people are learning important life lessons and gradually mature as a human being. Pulitzer-winning author Junot Diaz introduced these unexplained mysterious cycle in his novel, “This Is How You Lose Her”; it brings up some controversial issues. Some people might say that the novel gives hope to many women as a special guidance how men should treat women because each situation will likely happens in the real world. The main character and narrator Yunior,…show more content…
Start from Yunior’s father, he had left away from family for work in the United States for five years. Working in a foreign country for such long time does it have more priority than spending with family together? In addition, during these years, he seemed to have rarely contact with family since Yunior and his brother Rafa did not remember their father even his face. Then, after all family moved to the United States, he worked average15 hours a day and barely care about his wife who cannot understand English. Whether father realizes his selfishness or not his behavior affects on the whole…show more content…
Before he diagnosed cancer, he had had many women and enjoyed the moment like “falling snow”. He never seriously thinks about a relationship with these women. Then, he knows his life will be limited as he “gets the ground”, he rethinks and tries to have a decent living. However, he totally messed up his last few months in his life. For instance, he married with dependent woman: who was his co-worker, who is an illegal immigrant, and who does not love Rafa. Her purpose of the marriage is taking money from Rafa, so she does not visit Rafa to the hospital when he is dying. Likewise, Rafa’s last moment is terribly miserable as just turns to shit after he landed the ground as resumed his decent
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