Who Is Jurgis And His Family In Ayn Rand's The Jungle?

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The Jungle is the story of Jurgis Rudkis and his family. They immigrated from Lithuania to find a better life in America. Their story is a one of tragedy, suffering and poverty. They find their way to Chicago and the meatpacking plants, where they face many hardships and difficulties. Workers at the plants are not paid well, are overworked and face dangerous conditions, but Jurgis has no trouble getting a job there.

At first, Jurgis and his family live in a rat-infested boarding house. Their neighborhood, called Packingtown, sits between a large pit for sewage and a garbage dump. Jurgis and the family decide to put their money together and buy a house. Right away their problems begin as they have trouble making their house payments. All the adults must now work to help provide for the family. When Jurgis gets hurt and can’t work, the children must leave school and find jobs.

After a series of tragedies, including near starvation, illness, several deaths in the family, and some time in jail. Life eventually changes Jurgis as he is robbed of his strength, health and spirit. He is forced to live a life not fit for an animal. Unfortunately he doesn’t understand what is destroying his life. He looses his sense of compassion and humanity as he becomes bitter.
Jurgis leaves Packingtown and becomes a hobo.

Jurgis eventually
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Jurgis is described as, "he with the mighty shoulders and the giant hands" and "great black eyes with beetling brows." He is physically strong and can easily carry 250 pounds. It is important to know that Jurgis is very strong, it plays a significant part in influencing his outlook and his life. The most prominent features of Jurgis’s personality are his physical presence and his simple attitude. Jurgis is also arrogant, tender and loving with his family, narrow minded and possessed of a temper. He has his youth, strength and health, he is very positive and
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