Who Is Katy Perry's Depiction Of Kim Jong-Un

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At the core of the controversy surrounding The Interview and what we think is the reason Sony was hacked and Guardians of Peace threatened violence against theaters that show the movie is less than a favorable depiction of Kim Jong-Un. They portray Kim Jong-Un as an American pop culture-loving, goofball dictator who still has deep feelings about his relationship with his deceased dictatorial dad. They see him as a god among men as North Korean legend dictates.What I find pretty funny because Katy Perry’s “Firework” plays a crucial role in the film.
Aside from the real world drama, it is important to separate the movie’s relatively and political side from, racist routines. Because quite frankly this movie is extremely racist; but hilarious.
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In The Interview, Dave Skylark, an American celebrity TV host (James Franco), and his pretty neat producer Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen, who also co-directed the film), they score an exclusive interview with Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea. When Aaron is first contacted by the North Koreans, he is told to meet them in Dandong, China. He responds with two clarifying questions: “Did you just say China? And did you just say ‘dong’?” The joke is words of Asian origin sound like sex organs. Which I must say myself is pretty funny.
Most of the Korean characters speak in sentences with “the,” using Rs instead and Ls reversed (if that makes any sense), that is typical trend of the generic Asian accent heard by anyone in American media. What’s pretty funny to me is when the white male Americans drop in and out of this accent, sometimes to joke with each other, like when Aaron tells Dave, “You no Skylark. You secret agent.”
. When Skylark arrives in North Korea, he is greeted by a North Korean welcoming committee, and is handed a mic. Slowly, in his best Mickey Rooney as Mr. Yuniyoshi impression, he tells the crowd, “We have different faces but inside, we’re same same.” Skylark then thanks the North Koreans for inviting him to their country with an earnest, “Konichiwa.” which is obviously the wrong language. I think that would make any Korean, or Japanese person for that matter,
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Skylark and Aaron’s fixer is a North Korean woman named Park Sook-Young who is in charge for coordinating all of the country’s worldly issues. Aaron first meets Sook, in the mountains of rural China, where she comes down from a military helicopter wearing a tight-fitting military uniform with combat boots. She barks orders, explaining the terms of the meet-up with Kim Jong-Un, and Aaron’s only reaction to the exchange as she walks away is, “Damn. She was sexy.” At one point, Sook lies in Aaron’s bed unannounced and uninvited, eager for him to come back so she can ravage him. Sook fulfills the role of the exotic “Dragon Lady” dominatrix, and it isn’t until after she seduces Aaron her intellect begins to be taken

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