Who Is Killing Richard Justified In Matt Fowler's Killings?

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In the story “Killings” written by Andre Dubus Matt Fowlers son is killed by Richard Strout. Matt Fowler feels that his actions are justified for killing Richard. Matt Fowlers actions do not make him a bad person. In the story “Killings” when Matt kills Richard for killing his son he feels no remorse. Matt does not feel guilty for killing Richard and he shouldn’t him and his wife need peace of mind and they could not have it with the man that killed their son just walking around town. After Matt had killed Richard when he got home his wife asked “are you alright?” (Pg.10) and his response was “I think so” (Pg.10) that proves that he had felt no remorse for killing Richard Strout, he had done what he needed to do to get revenge for his son

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