Who Is Laverne Cox's Growing Up In Orange Is The New Black?

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Growing up, we aren’t really allowed to talk about anything LGBTQ+ because my father goes on 15-30 minute rants every time. It’s hard as someone who belongs in the LGBTQ+ community to express herself when someone is as homophobic and transphobic as my father. Laverne Cox has given not only the transgenders of the community hope but she has also given the gay and bisexuals of the community hope as well.
I heard of Laverne Cox for the first time when Orange Is The New Black came out. Everyone loved her for her fiery attitude and her flawless way of expressing herself. You saw headlines in Entertainment Weekly, Time Magazine, Essence, etc. When people think of transgenders, they really only think of guys who crossdress and get breast augmentations. They think of women who want to get a double mastectomy. Laverne Cox went against all odds to show people that wasn’t true.
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In third grade, she begged her mother for dance classes and was running off the bus in hopes that she wasn’t going to get beat up on the way home. In 6th grade, Laverne Cox attempted suicide because of her fear that she was disappointing her religious, late grandmother by thinking of such a sin.
As you read through my paper, you will get a feel of what it might have been for Laverne growing up as Rodrick Laverne Cox to how she feels now that she is comfortable in the body she feels she belongs in. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing

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