Who Is Lincoln's Rivals

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In 1862, Lincoln’s cabinet consisted of 8 members, some switching out with other members. From 1861-1865, the Secretary of State was William H. Seward. The Secretary of the Treasury from 1861-1864 was Salmon P. Chase. The Secretary of War from 1861-1862 was Simon Cameron, and then from 1862-1865 it was Edwin M. Stanton. Edward Bates was the Attorney General from 1861-1864. From 1861-1864, the Postmaster General was Montgomery Blair. Gideon Welles was the Secretary of the Navy from 1861-1865. The Secretary of the Interior from 1861-1862 was Caleb B. Smith. Many presidents unknowingly chose members who argued which unintentionally brought a sense of diversity. Lincoln chose members who regularly argued because he saw their intelligence and
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