Who Is Louie Zamperini's Optimism In 'Unbroken'?

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World War II was a time that required resilient, courageous, optimistic people to serve in the military. Louie Zamperini, the main character of Laura Hillenbrand’s novel, Unbroken, was just that. Louie Zamperini grew up a rebellious, misbehaving child. When he grew up, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. He got into a plane crash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and Japan. A Japanese ship found him and brought him to a prison camp. He then went to a Prisoner of War (POW) camp. In both places, he was abused. A man who the POWs called The Bird abused him the most. Then he was rescued by America. Louie Zamperini is a very optimistic and resilient person. He shows his optimism by always looking on the bright side, being hopeful…show more content…
He always finds a way to get what he wants. He also never gives up. One of my final reasons is that Louie always gets through a abohornet situation. Louie always finds a way to get what he wants. For example, “They set up a ‘University of Thievery’ in which ‘professors’-the best thieves-taught the art of stealing.” (181). To get what he wanted, Louie and the other POWs set up a school solely for stealing things. This helped Louie get what he wanted. My second reason is that Louie never gave up. “For the first few punches. Louie stayed upright.” (209). He got punched in the face 220 times. Even after the Bird made all the prisoners punch Louie, he still defied him. My final reason is he always finds a way to get through the bad things. “Louie cried he was about to faint. The doctor withdrew the needle.” (143). Louie was in a bad situation at the camp, so he pretended he was about to pass out so the doctor at the camp did not have to go through the tests. Louie is a strong, resilient character who knows how to keep on going through tough…show more content…
He shows his optimism by always looking on the bright side, being hopeful for a rescue, and by looking at the best in people. He shows his resilience by always finds a way to get what he wants, never giving up. My final reason is that Louie always gets through a tough situation. Louie always got through the dire situations and looked at the good in people. He also tried to keep his friends from slipping away. Beatings and abuse did not keep Louie from resisting. These experiences show how people can go through horrible, disgusting, deplorable situations and can still recover. Louie went from having flashbacks of his time in the POW camp to living a happy life until he died at 97 years. People can recover from anything. They just need support and for people to care about
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