Who Is Louis Zamperini A Hero

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Louis Zamperini is a well known hero for his deeds. As a child, Louie was unstoppable. When Louie was two years old and was sick, Louie couldn’t sit still and jumped out of his window, and he ran with policemen chasing after him. He was known as an one-man insurgency. As Louie grew older and joined the Army, Louie changed in some ways and stayed the same in others. Louie was a defiant, dignified, and selfless man in many ways. Louie Zamperini was defiant throughout his whole life. Starting when he was a baby, Louie was always rebellious. Louie got into many fights and started drinking when he was eight. “Thrilled by crashing boundaries, Louie was untamable. As he grew into his uncommonly clever mind, mere feats of daring were no longer satisfying.
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