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In Persepolis, Marji molds her own home in adulthood by forcing herself to become a rebellious individual. During a time of heavy crisis in her country, Marji decided to steal a cigarette from her uncle. As the reality of her country’s state dawned on her, Marji realized she needed to create a safe home in order to survive. Satrapi wrote, “I sealed my act of rebellion against my mother’s dictatorship by smoking the cigarette I’d stolen” (117). Satrapi’s use of the verb “sealed” represents the fact that she has detached herself from childhood through her own actions. Marji deemed it necessary to rebel against her mother's "dictatorship" by smoking a cigarette. While she did this in order to make it clear that she's matured and created her own home in adulthood,…show more content…
Satrapi later described herself as announcing, “‘With this first cigarette, I kissed childhood goodbye.’ Now I was a grown-up” (117). The word “kissed” suggests that there is a friendly departure between herself and her childish ways. She has kindly left her old ideals behind because she knows that she needs to become more mature in order to outlive the conflict in her country. The use of the word “grown-up” instead of adult represents how Marji is not only more mature, but her experiences have forced her to actively grow and create a new home, adulthood. Satrapi depicts herself alone as an individual making the struggle to develop herself. Tears stream down her face as she earnestly pushes herself to reconcile the difficulties in her country. In the next panel, the tears have been brushed from her face, and she stands with her arm raised revealing her comfort in her newly found adulthood. The strong look in her eyes portrays her confidence in herself. Marji has become a self-assured adult whose individuality was made through rebelled against the expectations set for her as an

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