Who Is Mary Karr's The Liars Club A Memoir?

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The Liars Club a Memoir by Mary Karr takes place in East Texas during 1961. The book begins with a flashback to a memory the author experienced when she was seven years old. The family doctor Mr. Boudreaux asks Mary to lift her nightgown and, “show me the marks”. When finally submitting to the doctor we are abruptly launched years later into present day to a screeching ambulance siren and flashing lights. A gasoline fire rages in her backyard as firefighters rush to extinguish it. Mary wakes to this horrendous sight, and is then visited by the town sheriff who is holding her nine year old sister, Lecia. Sheriff Watson informs Mary that her mother has been taken to a mental hospital because of being, “nervous”. After this, Lecia and Mary go

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