Who Is Mary Warren In The Crucible

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Mary Warren Used for Both Sides In the historical play, The Crucible, Mary Warren is used for both sides. Mary Warren is a maid for John Proctor, and becomes involved in the Salem witch hunt as one of the accusers, led by Abigail Williams. She sits on the jury, part of Abigail’s gaggle girls, and is someone who was not known till the Witch Trials. Mary Warren believed that witchcraft was happening in Salem just like Abigail Williams, Judge Danforth, Parris, etc. As other in The Crucible she pretended to see spirits and suffer from (acting) fainting spells in court. When Goody Osburn was brought into the court to be accused of witchcraft Mary Claims this is what happened when she tried denying her, “I feel a misty coldness climbing up my back, and the skin on my skull begin to creep, and I feel a clamp around my neck and I cannot breathe air” (Miller, Act 2, 54). In act three Danforth asked, “Mary, how come you cry out people for sending their spirits against you?” (Miller, Act 3, 82). Although Mary Warren believes in witchcraft John Proctor Try’s to get her to tell the truth and convince the court that she and the other girls are faking the fainting spells, and are pretending to see spirits. If John can get Mary to confess that then Proctor will be able to save his wife (Elizabeth Proctor) life.…show more content…
When Abigail and the other girls decided to be vindictive an tried to get Mary Warren caught for witchcraft in court while Mary is trying to save Elizabeth Procter for the mess she had got her in by making the poppet in front of Abigail. Abigail had the other girls play along in court when Mary decided to tell on her Mary said, "She sees nothing!" (Miller, Act 3, 107) Abigail and the other girls said, "She sees nothing..." (Miller, Act 3, 107). Act three Mary knew what Abigail would do to her if she told when Mary said, "She will kill me for saying that!" (Miller, Act 2,
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