Who Is Mercutio A Foil In Romeo And Juliet

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True love is a concept perceived as achievable by many and a myth to some. In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio’s purpose is to foreshadow an important aspect of the play, be a foil for Romeo, and lead to the woeful turning point of the comedy turned tragedy.
Mercutio is used to foreshadow Romeo and Juliet’s tragic fate. After being stabbed by Tybalt under Romeo’s arm, Mercutio manages to tell Romeo that he wishes a “plague curse both your families” (III,1,94). After Mercutio’s death, only tragedy ensues- Tybalt dies, Romeo is banished, the Friar does not deliver a message, and Romeo and Juliet end their lives. This implies Mercutio’s “plague” struck the Montague and Capulet families, resulting in the suicide of the two star-crossed
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Romeo reveals to Mercutio that love pricks him like a thorn. Mercutio encourages Romeo to “be rough with love”, “Prick love for pricking,” and “beat love down” (I.4.27-28). While Romeo talks about his love and all its’ aching, Mercutio’s displays his neglect for love as an emotion. Romeo believes love is an emotion while Mercutio taunts Romeo and implies it is a physical pursuit of life, and if it ever treats him badly, he should do the same. Romeo believes in fate and dreams. Mercutio quickly calls him out, claiming “dreamers often lie” (I.4.56) and dreams are “nothing but vain fantasy” (I.4.105-107). Mercutio suggests his beliefs are skeptical and dreams do not show fate, aren’t genuine, and don’t pertain to the real world. Finally, Romeo, who sulks over love, is told by Mercutio to “borrow Cupid’s wings” and “soar with them above a common bound” (I.4.17-18). Mercutio tries to get Romeo over love, and Romeo responds negatively, saying he is too sore to fly due to the shot of Cupid’s arrow. This displays Mercutio’s optimistic and Romeo’s pessimistic personalities. Because of Mercutio’s opposing traits to Romeo, he is Romeo’s foil to show Romeo’s significant
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