Who Is Michael Brown: Fair Or Unfair?

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Today bring forth the case of Michael Brown vs. Darren Wilson firstly state the argument in the case as being unjust, unfair ruling for justice of his family and the community. From the New York Times ( Michael Brown 's family attorney says grand jury proceeding is unfair). By Paul Cassel, In his opposition, the Grand Jury took too long to make its decision while the family was waiting for the verdict without reason. That is not a proper use of the grand jury decision, which made it harder to take the objections seriously. Which also criticized the parallel federal investigation for taking too long. The main purpose of the consideration of length is the prosecutor, Robert McCulloch, said he would present each bit “of confirmation and his testimony, which is significantly more data than a usually given.” (McCulloch, 2014).…show more content…
After finishing him, he left the body at the scene of wrongdoing within hours later and the began. It could have been an issue of many dissidents claim that the protest was out of line, and they trust that Michael Brown was faultless. The"Ferguson Police Department releases the name of the cop and the image showing Brown robbing a convenience store immediately before was shot and killed. “ (Hill, Dean, 2014). The officer did not stop him for the robbery he got stop for blocking traffic and for walk in the middle of the street,hours later after the documents came out claim him as a primary suspect. Everything didn 't relate to the story. The Question is “So why did Ferguson police opt to release surveillance video of the convenience-store incident Friday” (Botelho, Lemon, 2004). No ones could ever understand the statement from the Ferguson Police
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