Who Is Micheal Crichton´s Jurassic Park?

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Micheal Crichton’s 1990 novel “Jurassic Park,” is a science fiction cautionary tale of how reckless experimentation without proper oversight can lead to catastrophic results. The novel revolves around an isolated Costa Rican island and the dangerous experiments taking place there. When a series of mysterious animal attacks begin to occur on mainland Costa Rica, a connection is made between the attacks and the “biological reserve” on Isla Nublar. Two paleontologists Allan Grant and Ellie Sattler are among the group whisked away by billionaire John Hammond to the island for a weekend. The island is revealed to be Jurassic Park, a themed park showcasing the world’s first cloned dinosaurs. The scientists at John Hammond’s research company, InGen, used dinosaur DNA found in the blood of parasites preserved in amber to reconstruct dinosaurs. All the dinosaurs in the…show more content…
Malcolm 's theories and predictions serve as a warning for a society increasingly dependent on new scientific developments. Although genetically engineered dinosaurs are likely to never happen, “Jurassic Park” is a reminder of what could go wrong with unchecked science. The relationship between dinosaurs and birds is also heavily featured in the book. At the time “Jurassic Park” was written, new evidence had just suggested that the relation between dinosaurs and birds is much closer than previously thought. Allan Grant makes several remarks on the structural similarities between the birds and dinosaurs and the velociraptors are given particularly bird-like features. From this novel, it is easy to understand how science can quickly get out of hand when not controlled. I thought that “Jurassic Park” was an interesting and well-thought out book on both the possibilities and dangers of genetical
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