Who Is Minnie Foster's Trifles?

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In the Victorian era the common was life for a man and woman was that the man work in the fields while the woman stayed in the house cleaning and cooking. In “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell Minnie Foster was found sitting in her chair knitting while the investigator found her husband strangled to death in their bed. With the lack of response from Minnie Foster it was completely obvious that she did the crime and was handcuffed and sent to the jail while they began to investigate the crime scene. Now the real question everyone was asking why she did what she did. Insanity is the criminal in this situation Minnie Foster was just a house wife how fell ill to insanity. People can take only so much before snapping such as the case of People v. Kimura when she found that her husband was being unfaithful, “avoided a first degree murder charge and was sentenced to just one year in county jail…show more content…
Her husband was very cruel and strict and could not stand the singing of her bird, so one day the husband had snapped the neck of the poor singing bird with small piece of rope. This was the breaking point for Minnie Foster, so one night while her husband was sleeping she took a rope as well and chocked her husband to death. She re-created the scene of the bird incident because of how much that bird meant to her. The other two women were extremely understanding in Minnie’s situation, “They identify with her, quite literally. In her first line, Mrs. Hale defends the accused women’s house-keeping from the county attorney’s attack” (Holstein, par 7) which showed it common for the house wife at this time. There was another incent where Mrs. Peters went through the same thing when she said, “When I was a girl a boy took a hatchet, and before my eyes and before I could get there. If they hadn’t held me back I would have hurt him” (Glaspell 988) this shows that this was not an uncommon occurrence for women in this
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