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Miss Brill, a lonely lady that lives on her own. She continually goes through the same routine every Sunday. She looks forward to a certain surprise on her way back home. She has a fur coat. To her this fur means the world. It is her most prized possession. Little did she know, she was getting made fun of for it. There is one secret that Miss Brill does not know. Miss Brill illustrates the basic life for an elderly, friendless, Englishwoman. On Miss Brill 's normal day she will usually tutor some kids. She will also read the newspaper to an elderly man. On every Sunday she will go to the park to sit on the same park bench, in the same spot. She loves sitting and listening to the band. As she sits there she watching the people walking back and forth. She is curious as to why no one is speaking or talking.
Miss Brill sees a young couple walking up the
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Miss Brill can hear someone crying when she gets home. She realizes that it is her that is crying. She thinks that the band was real, but it was not. Miss Brill thinks back to her times in the park. She knows why the people were not talking and cutting up. They were just playing their part in the play. My Brill fantasizes because she is just home alone all the time with very little contact with other people. She has no friends or family.
Miss Brill was so upset in the end that she did not even get her Honey Cake. She so was proud of her fur. She took it out of the box that she kept it in and brushed it every day before she would wear it. All Miss Brill wants is for people to loves one another. She does not the lady complaining, the woman throwing away the violets, nor the man blowing smoke into a ladies face. Since she was living alone she made up this fantasy life. Miss Brill as hurt when she had to see herself as the other people saw her, a lonely old lady. She soon shows us what the basic life of an elderly, friendless Englishwoman would
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