Who Is Miyazaki Hayao's The Wind Also Rises?

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The Wind Also Rises by Miyazaki Hayao is about a young man by the name of Jiro Horikoshi who dreamt of airplanes as a child and to fly a plane one day. Throughout Jiro’s life, he faced physical, environmental, cultural, and emotional hurdles that impeded him from his goals. An object, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is a material thing that can be seen and touched. Additionally, Merriam-Webster defines an object as a person or thing in which a specified action or feeling is directed. In Miyazaki’s, The Wind Also Rises, the main focus point Jiro was fixated on was airplanes and what he needed to do to be able to be around, fly, and design them. The airplane’s meaning and significance to Jiro was that it was his main motivation. He fell in love with airplanes the moment he laid his sight on one. He even constantly dreamt about airplanes. In a way,…show more content…
In Cook’s Japan at War: An Oral History, a fighter pilot, Sakai Saburo, gave his firsthand account and thought on the murderous combative life of Aerial Combat. Sakai states that “When you’ve gotten used to combat, shoot down one plane, two planes, ten planes, then the moment you face an enemy plane you know instantly the skill of your opponent (Cook).” These fighters were dedicated for the Japanese cause. They would even go to great lengths just to get the littlest improvements such as Sakai cutting off the wooden antenna sticking up behind him on his plane (Cook). Skill was their only advantage. Their opponents such as America, Britain, and France all had vastly superior planes compare to the Japanese. This was further noted in the movie The Wind Also Rises and told by Sakai in Japan at War: An Oral History. Sakai compared aerial combat tactic to the samurai combat tactic. You needed to be tactical and precise. Furthermore, you carefully inch towards your opponent. Once you are close enough, within reach of the tip of your blade to the opponent’s forehead is when you should

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