Who Is Mr. Cairo In The Maltese Falcon

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Characteristics are different from person to person.

The Book Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett has several interesting characters. To some, the characters in the book can resemble a contradistinction to the modern city or stereotypical individuals that thrive in the modern day city. Through the story the author gave plenty information about charac-ters that were overtaken by the incredible power of greed. However, one character stood out in my eyes. This Character is MR. Cairo, this individual gave the story a different twist on what a man is sup-posed to be portrayed like. Cairo has a sort of unusual feel to him or like the book says “This guy is queer.” P.42. His is also not quite built like a stereotypical man. Still in the book he finds a way to be very sneaky and deceitful. To this modern era the image of a man is still in one way portrayed as a very strong man and is somewhat intellectually bright. As well as most men don 't care about what they have on so they don 't have a sense of fashion. All his unique quality aren’t bad, but they don’t symbolizes a stereotypical man. To this Cairo embodies a contradiction to what people think or might think is a mod-ern day stereotypical man is supposed to be.

A stereotype man is supposed to
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Gathering all the information up, the reader can conclude that Cairo is a very different charac-ter. These characteristics are having a small figure and being able to have a good fashion sense. Along with having a great set of jewelry and well-groomed hair and hands that don’t look like he does strenu-ous labor. Also being in some instances very sneaky and odd. The stereotype of a man is very different from what the character Cairo 's is being portrayed as in the book the Maltese Falcon. None of the treats that Cairo has are bad yet he does not portray a stereotypical man. All the information points to Cairo being able to embody a contradiction to what people think a modern day stereotype man is supposed
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