Who Is Napoleon An Allegory In Animal Farm

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Imagine being on a farm where animals take over. All humans have fled from the farm, while the animals have a rebellion against them. They use the phrase, “Four legs good, two legs bad” and whoever had grasped this phrase would be safe from human influences. This was the life the animals lived on Animal Farm while Napoleon takes over as their leader. Napoleon is a sneaky, cruel pig who always gets his way and that is how it has always been and always will be. He, himself makes sure of this by convincing the animals that all humans are out to hurt them. Also, it is important to know that Animal Farm is an allegory. Napoleon is actually portrayed as Joseph Stalin, a man involved with revolutionary politics and some criminal activity. George…show more content…
These rules were called the Seven Commandments. They were placed on the wall to set principles and policies for all animals during the rebellion. Before the rules were changed, and when Snowball, another leader was still on the farm, the animals were in a state of equality. However, ever since Napoleon had his 9 protective dogs chase Snowball off the farm, the animals have been in a state of inequality. Napoleon had Squealer, one of his followers that was a pig, to change the Seven Commandments for him. Towards the end of the book, Squealer had changed the seven commandments into one rule and it read, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” (Orwell, 134). This demonstrates that Napoleon and the other pigs are considered to be the animals that are “more equal than others”. However, the phrase overall does not mean all animals are equal. At this point in time, the animals had lost their freedom of…show more content…
He says that the windmill is for the better of all of them but in reality it is not. To continue, he changes the Seven Commandments throughout the book for the benefit for the other pigs and himself. Finally, he uses propaganda throughout the novel to let the animals think that he is the good guy here and not the humans. In conclusion, it is now difficult for the animals to tell the difference between man and pig because they both illustrate cruel behavior by treating the animals like slaves. Even if they lie to get their way, their actions speak the
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