Who Is Nick Carraway The Protagonist In The Great Gatsby

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Nick Carraway is the narrator in the novel “The Great Gatsby “by F. Scott Fitzgerald. He is also the protagonist in the story. Nick is responsible for letting readers know what was happening in the story and his and other characters reaction toward it. He has explained how Gatsby love for Daisy and his disliking Tom. In the “The Great Gatsby” there are many thoughts nick has hidden from Gatsby such as Tom’s affair. He has failed to tell the truth in many scenes. He has trouble in organizing his financial responsibility, organizing his life to reach his goals, and he is more focused on others than himself and have hesitation in saying no to people. His first problem is organizing his financial responsibility. He is committed towards his financial responsibility, but he also have grown up with personal values. “I believe in being honest and truthful with others. At the same time, my father taught me how to be a good listener–I don't pass judgment on others. Lots of people have shared their stories with me because of this trait” (Nick…show more content…
He is new in New York City and has been invited by her cousin Daisy whom he has barely met. He said “At the dinner table it became clear from a phone call that Daisy's husband, Tom, is having an affair with another woman. It was very embarrassing and painful for Daisy and me, but she would not talk openly about her feelings. Daisy and Tom are very wealthy and have a young child. I feel inferior to them because I am just getting established financially, and I don't know New York society as they do” (Nick Carraway’s Dilemmas). I would say he should not get involved in this their matter because it is personal and he barely know them. He should first get to know and understand them. If Daisy feels that she should share her feeling to him then he should get involve and help her out. Other than that he should focus on his goals and personal
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