Who Is Not A Killer In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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A strangled boy, an innocent executed girl, a sick boy, constant fears and several mysterious deaths...It is not a killer, who is guilty of all these terrible and strange events, but a young scientist whose name is Victor Frankenstein. In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein we are told of a man Victor who creates a life. This creation, his creature, is perceived by society because of his physical appearance being so called a “monster” although his creator is in fault of his creatures actions. Frankenstein leaves us asking questions and raises some serious issues, one of which that comes up time and time again. Who is the real monster? To begin, The word monster can be described as behaviour or to be perceived by looks. No one is born a monster, they are created throughout life and this starts off with your “creator.” If someone does not look good they are defined as a monster, if someone kills people they are defined as a monster, and if someone has a different belief they would be defined as a monster. Victor Frankenstein may seem so of not a monster by his looks but he shows the true value of the type of monster he is by his actions. With Victors scientific ways he has created something without thought of the consequences and his responsibilities he fails to achieve. “I beheld the wretch-the miserable…show more content…
A victim of Victors action he had not taken responsibility to show love and care for like it only wished for. All the innocent, murdered over pain and vengeance for Victors action of what he could not seem to face. Concluding us in the question that comes up time and time again, making Victor a monster for every one of his actions he did not want to deal with creating a monster of himself simply by one step of his action that all started with his scientific ways bringing a dead back to life not knowing what it may
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