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In Oedipus the King, Oedipus is one of the main characters that cares more about himself than anyone else. He puts everyone else’s problems into his perspective to show how his problems are worse. He thinks that since he is king, he has more power over the people of Thebes and has excessive Hubris. Mostly, Oedipus bites his nose off to spite his face just to show everyone else that he is tough and a good king. It is clear that Oedipus is the most round character, that he is constantly changing for the worst, and that he is most likely the king’s killer. Oedipus is one of the most round characters in the story as he goes from changing his view to changing his mood. He mostly is seeking to find a cure throughout the story and it just so happens that he is searching for the killer(s) of the king before him. During this he talks to fortune tellers and people more wise than him. He begins to blame people based on his views of them. Oedipus shows that he does not necessarily care about the people of Thebes when he says, “‘I pity you, children. You have come full longing, but i have known the story before you told it only too well. I know you are all sick, yet there is not one of you, sick though you are, that is as sick…show more content…
He begins to doubt himself as a king but still says he is more wise than others. Oedipus claims he is right, showing that he does not care what others say even if he is wrong.“‘What I have done here was best doneーdon’t tell me otherwise, do not give me further counsel. I do not know with what eyes I could look upon my father when I die and go under the earth, nor yet my wretched motherーthose to whom I have done things deserving worse punishment than hanging.’” (sophocles p. 643). This shows that even though Oedipus is at his wits, he still pushes to show everyone that he is right and that people should not go against his

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